Problems with setting for Labeled value and Styled button

Hello comumunity,
I have some problems with Labeled Value and Styled button settings:

  • I choose a grey color in labeled value for label (text) and a grey color for outline in Styled Button.
  • I enter in my project in play mode and I see the change, but when I exit and enter another time these settings are reset to white.

My project is inside IOS

Thank you so much for your help

App version?
Cloud or local server?
Any code that is also setting the widget properties?


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Version: 2.27.5
Server: Blynk Cloud

I recall some issues getting colour changes to stick when the new colour changer style came out … I believe you may need to use the Beta version of the App to see the fix.

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Where i can found the beta?

Every time someone asks that I have to do the same thing… I search for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m so sorry I said IOS, when is Android :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

With Android, you scroll to the bottom of the Blynk Play Store page on your phone and somewhere you will see option to join Beta program

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Thank you so much

Good morning,
I tried with the version beta and the behavior is the same. I change the color but when exit and entry other time the color is changed automatically to white.

@Eva How about this?

What if you make another test project with same widget and colour settings, do they work or reset the same way??

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The same, i tried to make other project and has the same problem

and the code no has any reference to the text (Labeled Value)

it only happens with the degraded colors, the solids keep them

Now that you have the beta version, try adjusting the colors then send the developers the logs. Press the top left icon as if to change projects, then the top right icon [i] and chose send logs to developers.

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Thank you so much