Problems with image gallery

Hello everyone

I create a display shelf for bowties (it could be something else it doesn’t matters).
I use a rpi zero w that runs blynk server ans an esp8266 for driving leds, creating cool effects etc…

On the blynk app I would use the image gallery widget to display a photo of the bowtie that I want.
For that I uploaded my photos on the rpi (in an “images” folder) and I installed samba to share the folder. Then I use the python script simplehttpserver. It works like a charm on my computer or my android with http://name_of_my_pi:8000

I have the list of my images and if I use http://name_of_my_pi:8000/01.jpg I can see my photo.

But using the same URL on the blynk app doesn’t work…
Any idea please?

I tought that as blynk is on the rpi I should use (or even but nothing appears…

thx in advance

Is the device running the Blynk app connected to the same Wi-Fi network where your Samba server sits when you do these tests?

Have you tried pushing an image name with a URL that is publicly accessible?



Sorry for the delay I’ve been busy ^^

Yes the blynk app (mobile) is on the same wifi. It works with online pictures. I think that is because the blynk server is on the same device as the samba server. How could I tell to blynk server to check on itself?

thx for your precious help :slight_smile:

I’d try the actual IP address of the server, rather than the loopback address of


even if the blynk core is running on itself? it means that it will be the app on android trying to connect to rpi? I think i tried but I will do again just to be sure

I think the way that it works is the Blynk server send the app the URL, which the app then needs to be able to resolve to download the image.

From the perspective of the app, the loopback IP means nothing, and can’t be resolved. If the app is operating within your own network then the IP address of the Samba server should be resolvable.