Problems with HC-05 bluetooth module


I have some problems with my project connecting arduino to blynk using HC-05 bluetooth module. The biggest problem here is the bluetooth module and how to connect it. I’ve managed to get it working for a few times, and then I noticed that a led in hc-05 must be blinking twise in a few seconds to be connected correctly. But mine is blinking once in a few seconds and then it won’t work with blynk. So first, what does it mean that it’s blinking once in a few second intervals and how to fix it?

And my second problem is also with the same module. Every time when I’m trying to connect it, I’ve to unpair it and then do the pairing prosess all over. Every time. Is there any way to fix it? And I’m a bit of an amateur with these so all help is welcome, I couldn’t find on internet anything useful.