Problem with the connexion

Hello everybody

This is my fisrt time with domotic.

I have printed a connected heart with my 3D printer. I put LED, and a Wemos D1 Mini.
I download Blynk on my phone. And I could light on and light off my heart with Blynk.

I had to change my password wifi. And now, after changing the password in my program Arduino. There is a problem. There is no more possibility for me to light on and light off the heart.

Is someone can help me ?

Sorry for my English, I am French.

Thanks a lot

What does your serial monitor say?


Here it is !
Hope that you would like to see !
Do you want any photo of Blynk ? It doesn’t want to connect on the WIFI


Please stop posting screenshots of your code. Of you want to post your code then copy/paste it between triple backticks, which look like this:

However, I didn’t ask for your code, I asked what your SERIAL MONITOR output looks like.