Problem with Numeric Input with IOS

When inputting a value with the Numeric Input widget using the pop up keypad on the iPhone (not using the ± step buttons) the BLYNK_WRITE function on the ESP device is called on every key press on the pop up keypad rather than when the ‘DONE’ button is pressed.
This was not a problem in November 2018 when the device was initially installed. The iPhone App & Blynk library were the current ones at that time.
I have tested the original sketch with Blynk libraries 0.5.3 & 0.5.4 but using the current iPhone Blynk APP and issue remains.
Not sure whether this is an APP or server issue and can’t test with Android or older versions of the iPhone APP.

iPhone 8 with IOS 11.4.1
iPhone 4S with IOS 9.3.5
Blynk ver 2.25.0 (3) both phones
Blynk Cloud Server
ESP8266 with Blynk 0.6.1
Numeric Input widget set to:
Using Virtual pin
Min 0, Max 30. Step 0.05, Loop Values disabled.

Please provide some actual information about your issue.

Thanks for replying
The issue is that as you type a number in (in my case a calibration factor to 2 decimal places), the number is sent to the ESP device after every key entry rather than when pressing the ‘DONE’ key.
This was not an issue previously.
I do not run any Blynk syncs so not sure what the issue is.
If I need to upload more detail please advise.

I’ve tried this myself with both the latest iOS release and the current iOS beta (in both cases via Node-Red) and can confirm that each number is sent as it’s typed.
I don’t have any evidence of how it was before.

I also tested the Text Input widget in the same way and that works differently. Individual characters aren’t sent as you type, just the complete string once you hit the Send key.


I have the same issue with Numeric Input widget.
I had to filter received values from HW side in BLYNK_WRITE.

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I also see “Button Color” property in Numeric Input setup. However, regardless of color set the widget looks the same – green “+” “-” signs and white numeric value ?
Has anybody experienced the same ?

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Yes, I hadn’t spotted the colour thing. Something else that works for text input, but not numeric input.

@Eugene, are you watching this thread?


Didn’t but obviously can’t reply via email so below is last message

Maybe I don’t understand the Numeric Input widget. I thought it should send value when the ‘DONE’ key is pressed rather than as each number is typed.

I can confirm however previously the number was only sent when the ‘DONE’ was pressed.

Maybe I should used the Text Input widget

Response to @Valery . Yes can’t change colour

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Thanks everyone for reports, will be fixed in next build.

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Interesting to note:
I have 2 iPads, using the same Apple ID.
One is very old – iPad2, I think, running under iOS 8.3 and a newer one running iOS 11.3
I can change Numeric Input button color on the older iOS 8.3 but not on 11.3

The current App Store version says it requires a minimum of iOS v9.0 so I guess you’re running an old version of the Blynk app on your older device?


Yes. old iPad runs 8.3
Actually I am not complaining, as the issue will be fixed, just observation

The fixed version of the app won’t run on iOS 8.3 though (at least not according to the app store).


These are fixed as of 2.26.0 (7) beta build
Will be publishing to AppStore in a day or two

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Thanks a lot. Good.