Problem with Mega and ESP-01

Hello, I have same problem, my ESP8266 01 cannot responding, and I use program example fro website blynk,

But for power ESP8266 01, I use 3,3V from arduino mega board , is that problem?

It could be, but without more info from you it’s difficult to tell for sure.

BTW, I’ve moved this to it’s own topic, rather than having it tahhed on to one that was almost 2 years old


Hello Pete,

I used this diagram, and I used program example from blynk. When I serial monitor, the message is ESP not respond. But In my phone, my ESP have connected to my phone.

It’s been told, do not power ESP from arduino board. Most of them has very weak 5/3.3V LDO, improper for powering the ESP. There are some exceptions I’ve met (where an 0,8A LDO was used) but it is uncommon.

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What code are you using, and what output are you getting from your serial monitor?


this is the respone


And your code?