Problem With LCD & Nodemcu

I trying to display the blynk pins on 12c 16*2 lcd.
i want to display that if click in blynk D1,D2,D3,D4
& the lcd display’s that D1 is on
D2 is on…

what type of condition i have to use.
suggest me please

I assume that D1 D2 … are corresponding to V1, V2 … virtual buttons ?
Am I wrong ?

I’d start with a full explanation of what exactly it is that you are trying to achieve, and what code you have so far (correctly formatted with triple backticks of course, as was explained when you created this topic).
Including screenshots of your app layout and an explanation of what each widget is meant to do would also help.


I think it’s a secret code :joy:


You will have to switch to Virtual buttons. Search the example builder for virtualRead examples to get started. In the BLYNK_WRITE function you can do a LCD write.

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thank you all!

I meant here that I want to control my home appliances through internet using NODEMCU ESP8266 Module & Relays.
also I want the print the relay names on 12C LCD that show that which relay is on/off.

i’ll explain you later that what i need.

Hi sir
no any extra suggestion…
i’m trying to show the current states of blynk buttons on lcd


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We are all waiting for your sketch code :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I Thank you all so much.
With your best wishes I solved my problem & now the working efficiently…

Once again THANKS

Waseem Khan

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