Problem with latest Blynk update

Hi all,
I have struck a problem with one of my Blynk apps on my Samsung note 9 (running android 9) since the latest Blynk update (Aug 21). The app uses the web page widget to connect to an external website and the image gallery widget to bring in images stored on my webserver (running separately on a raspberry pi). Since the update, the links to these webservers are broken. The image gallery widget returns an error “Image cannot be retrieved from this URL”. I can retrieve the images without problem if I put the url into a browser (on the Note 9). The webpage widget returns the error in the screenshot below. Again, no problems connecting via a browser on the phone.
I’ve tried restarting the phone, connecting with wifi rather than using the network and re-installing Blynk but no change. Interestingly, I have no problems with the app running on my Galaxy Tab S2 - the issue seems confined to the note 9.


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On recent updates we began to target Android 9. Looks like it is the cause of your issue, as cleartext support is disabled by default in such case. We’ll investigate and fix it in next release.

Can you PM me with a link, so I can check it on my side.