Problem with build local server for java 8

@Dmitriy can you help me?

to build like as you from source file

FYI - Merged “me too” on solved topic and duplicate topics together.

so where can i download that ?

Why don’t use server-0.41.12.jar with java11 ?

2 reasons
1-my desktop is 32bit and 2-my server run on raspberry that don’t support latest java 11

Oh, I see !
Next Blynk platform will no need local server , wait till end of January :thinking:

you mean we have to use cloud server?

this platform not supported any more?

Yes, Next platform can’t use blynk local server

@Blynk_Coeur this platform not supported any more?

where can i read about new platform?

The current platform remains as it is

@Blynk_Coeur can you help me download of source code that could be build with java 8

it’s the only source code we have

so according to

and @Dmitriy said

i need java8 version of source

@Dmitriy how you create ? i need that source of server.
you publish java 11 source of server but i want java 8 source of server where can i download that?

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Please STOP spamming multiple topics for same issue, I merged your topics together… either reread all the above instructions or stop asking questions that are clearly not going to be answered the way you want. BTW, why not just use the already built java8 version??

And while I have never build a server from source… my understanding is that the source IS the source… you use it to build the desired .jar (java8 or java11)… thus I see no need to keep asking for a different source.

please note that

Sorry, but I lost interest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … enjoy your quest.

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