Problem with Blynk

Hi I need help with my Blynk App. In my project I install a map widget and all was OK to the moment when I add third point on the map. Now when I open Blynk all time they crashes. I tray all: reinstall, turn off wifi but I still cant removed this widget. I cant do anything on my blynk app. Please help my and sorry to my english
Yeeep I report this.
Sombody help me, I can`t play with my Blink from two days.


Had you sent a crash report from the crash dialog?

Hi, sombody can reset my blink server, I still can`t use my Blynk. Pls

@Dmitriy could you help @Mekada with how to remove Map widget from his profile on his server?

@Mekada on next week we will release a build with fixes to your issue with map widget.

@Mekada pls give me your login email.
I report this maybe another e-mail address


Very,very thank you !!!

Now is somthing wrong with my energy.

What exactly? I gave a few points above for removing map.

Yesterday I have problem with my internet connection and when removed widged they don`t give me energy back. Today all is ok. I think topic is closed. You makes good job.