Problem with app on Samsung s8

When I’m using the Blynk application on a Samsung S8 attempting to connect to a HC-05 bluetooth module, on the bluetooth settings screen with the option to :“Connect Bluetooth Device”, I select HC-05 , yet when I press the back button and press play to run the app, a message “Wasn’t online yet” appears. In addition, the blinking on the bluetooth module did not change. While testing, I found the when I was using “bluetooth terminal”, the HC-05 module connects and changes blinking pattern.
I have tried connecting HC-05 to phone before connecting- did not work
Edit: I changed the auth token, and now it sort of connects. The HC-05 changes pattern. I am trying to use a simple digital pin 13 test, and the led does not turn on and off. The Blynk app still says not connected yet.

Sorry about the last bit. I mean through settings, in Bluetooth setting page I clicked on the hc-05 first, then went to the blynk app and did what I mentioned above.

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