Probem about Timer Setting

Hi to all

we have a problem about Timer Setting module

i have set to start at 8:00 PM and stop at 8:00AM but not found…in 8.00AM relay dont stop…if i reset NODEMCU at 8:01AM…light turn OFF…in 8:00PM dont start…but if i reset device…light turn on…what is a problem?

PS : i have test start at 8.00PM and stop at 8:01 PM and system work good!

What’s not found?

Which pin is the relay hooked up to as resetting the NODEMCU is probably sending the pins high / low and activating the relay? Is the relay active high or low and are you using a virtual pin tied to a digital pin?

Just to be clear should the light come on at 8PM and go off at 8AM or is it the other way around?

Light start at 8:00PM
Light stop at 8:00AM

i user digital PIN

it seems to block system and does not allow to turn off or turn on the relay setup times…is very simple function and are very strange!

Which one?

Pin D5 in Wemos D1 mini

Final question for now.