Pro Subscription - How to Update Credit Card Number?

I’m currently subscribed to a Pro Plan. When I did the subscription, I was using a particular credit card number, that today, the number was changed to due card replacement.

Here are 2 clarifications I would like to have:

  • When my yearly subscription expires, how much time do I have to update the card and avoid problems with my customers?
  • Is it possible to anticipate this Card Number Update in my current yearly subscription?

Any help would be very appreciated.


You can add a new card on the payment service menu: settings - billing - manage subscription

and make it the default payment card

Dmitriy from Blynk

@DimitryPB thanks, I will try it.

About my other question, how long after subscription has expired, Blynk will continue to work? For example, in case the automatic renewal get any problem and did not work? Is the process reversible after this time is gone? This is just to understand what are the risks and possibilities when you have thousands of devices under a PRO account…

In any case, a backup function would work in this case to restore back the operations in case something happens

Hi @Hugo-BR,

Overall, it’s your responsibility to keep the payment information up to date. However, we do 4 attempts throughout 2 weeks to charge the card before the subscription is canceled. You will also get emails about that.

Your setup, clients, devices will be saved. Once you update your payment, everything will be restored.

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@Pavel thanks for the clarification.

Good to know that we have some time to fix it, alerts and that the system will be restored in the worst case scenario.

I also understand that the system backup today is up to Blynk servers and is not in ours hands (although I cannot measure today the risks of loosing a template or a customer setup for other reasons).

Sorry for these questions, like I said, some risks have to be taken into consideration when you start to rely in a partnership and consider it as part of your business model.

The yearly payment in our case should be fine and well managed.

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