Pro Plan with 40 device

I’m using the Maker package but with 20 datastreams it’s not enough for my house, I’m considering upgrading to the 40 device Pro package, I see the Maker package offers a 30% discount when paying annually, So why doesn’t the Pro package with 40 devices have it? I hope Blynk will reconsider this because I need more datastreams, not 40 devices, so for me this package has a lot of excess resources. So I will be more comfortable if you can discount it. Thank you.

Do you realise that this is 20 datastreams per template, and that with the Maker plan you get 10 templates, so 200 datastreams in total?

Blynk don’t list a PRO package with just 40 datastreams on their website. I assume that this is a leftover from an earlier plan type, where are you seeing this option - in the web console or in the app?


on the app there’re the 40 devices package on the pro is it okay to subscribe from there