Pro Plan and Discovery Plan

I have the Pro Plan which gives me 40 user seats. As I understand it, when the end user buys a product, I will send an invite email and QR code so they can provision the app and operate the device. I also believe that this new end user will count towards my user seat quota and they will be part of my organization (or sub organization) and show up as a user in my organization dashboard. Does that all sound correct so far?

In the future, when the Discovery plan becomes available, if I add this to my Pro Plan, my template will be published (not sure where that happens exactly) and the end user will be able to provision the device without the invite email as long as I have provided a copy of the QR code to the end user in advance. Then it seems as though they no longer count against my user seat quota? I guess I no longer see them in my organization dashboard either?

Who gets billed the one time fee of $4.95? My company or the end user? How many end users can I have on the Pro Plan with the Discovery add on? Do the tiered costs change?

Also, when you click on “Learn More” tab on the Discovery plan, the pop up is for the white label plan.

Man I have got myself confused. Thanks for the help

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Thanks for your interest in this topic!

On a high level, your understanding is correct. Your devices will be available for activation to any user who has Blynk account and your product (with QR code in case of Static Token flow).

Our plan is that device activation fee is pre-paid by the manufacturer (in your scenario it’s you). Manufacturer can include it in the product price.

The final details of Blynk.Discovery will be published at launch.


That sounds fine. Thank you for the reply and explanation