Preventing a button on the app be selected by accident


Is there a way to add a safety question (now or in the near future) like ‘Are you sure? - Yes/No’ when pressing a button on the app?

At times it may be useful to remind the user of its action to prevent a possible problem.


This issue has been discussed before, users suggested some code implementation, like notifying and then pressing the button again.

New ideas should be suggested here:

I agree with @ldb Because there are so many differing ways and opinions on how to make a “secure” button… locked out until X circumstance, multi-press, coded multi-press, hold for Y amout of time, with or without notifications, warnings, secret indications, etc… it is unlikely that this will be a feature (and then… which method??) unless a commercial product requires one and it filters down. And then guaranteed it will not work the way someone needs it to :stuck_out_tongue: Programmed methods usually end up the best way so far.

@Emilio Your method should be fairly easily emulated in code by using counters (1st press displays message if required, 2nd and/or 3rd press initiates action) and Timeout timers. (2nd and/or 3rd press must happen within timed parameters or the whole sequence is reset).

@Gunner got it. Thank you.

@Emilio I use long press push styled buttons working on a 3 sec timer for both on and off (separate button for on and off) with a led widget showing the gpio pin going high which gives confidence the action has occured. If you want an example let me know and I’ll post it here

I’m sure we all have dialed involuntary a number with our cellular (usually the last dialed/received call) having the smartphone is our hands or in our back packet of our pants. The same may happen with the app if we leave it activated accidentally, if we press involuntary a button, we may let our garage door open all night :wink: So, @GG07 any help/idea to prevent such occurrence, is welcome.