Prevent sharing to unregistered

I just startet a local server and it seems great. I see it is possible to restrict user registration. But is it also possible to restrict sharing of a link/QR to a non registered user?
This will solve some problems i had with revoking acces to shared projects.

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Hello. Nope. This is not supported as sharing doesn’t require registration.

Wouldn’t it be a nice feature :wink:

The way i see it, you actually can have users on the server you cant manage in any way?

@iclimb you can set allowed IP addresses for registration and remove anyone already registered on the server.

@Costas yes i know. But this will only work for registered users. not sharing a project to a non registered users.

The thing i try to accomplish is, sharing a project with a controlled group of people, being able to revoke access and add new users to this group. If any of them share the QR code to a non registered user, i will not be able to do anything about it except cancel the share, and share it again. First i tried using the app and blynk server. Now i hoped i could achieve it by creating a local server. But honestly i don’t like the idea that you have “unmanaged users”
Dont take this the wrong way. I do like that its possible to use a shared link without registering. And so far i actually like the local server quite much. Just not that you have a server where you can’t do anything about a unregistered user.

Or am i missing something?
So i’m back to square one :slight_smile:

Do you mean sharing or cloning as I assumed someone you have shared access to can’t share it further as they didn’t create the project?

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You are absolutely right. I was focused on what could potentially be done by users instead of the actual problem. I create the project and then of course I am the only that can share it. I have only shared with myself and appearantly haven’t given it thorough thought.

Thank you very much. I think that solves my problem for now.