Pressure units

There are almost no relative pressure units in the data stream settings. There is only psi, but they are little used in Europe and do not directly correlate with European pressure units (bar).
It would be useful to add pressure units (bar or similar) to the list.

Thank you for submitting the issue.
Passed the improvement proposal to our development team.
There is Bar unit, but it’s displayed as Pressure now.

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In the web panel, the units of pressure measurement are indicated - bar.
But in the mobile application kg/m2 is indicated.
1 bar = 1 kg/cm2 = 10,000 kg/m2.
Therefore, the units indicated in the mobile application are not correct.

In addition, specifying the pressure in kg/cm2 takes up a lot of space, especially on the pie chart widget. I think it’s more expedient to specify bar everywhere - it’s short and very clear.


Incorrect display of pressure units still remains…

Our development team has recently synced suffixes for measurement units between platforms.
The fix on the issues you’ve submitted will be available in next application version in 1-2 weeks.
UPD: there will be separate Pressure datastreams for bars and kg/m2 – check the correct one is chosen in Template, please (after the next server deployment that will be presumably in about 2 weeks)


Still can’t find the “bar” pressure unit, only “kg/m^2”. Do I miss something ?

Unfortunately it’s not deployed yet.

It’s deployed now. Thanks a lot !