Potential SuperChart historical data fetch bug on launch

I think I finally have the pattern sort of figured out. This is firmware version 1.0.1 on iphone. My app uses 6 super charts. They display 4 traces, 2 traces, 4 traces, 1 trace, 1 trace and 1 trace, respectively.

Since the Blynk 2.0 update (to the one with the Ukranian flag) when the app is launched from the tile, the first two charts come up blank. The others are populated. You must either scroll the superchart, or change the displayed timeframe for it to populate.

Might be a hidden, intermittent bug? For your information.


@bigMoose could you turn on logging in system settings, reproduce the issue, and send us the logs from About screen in the app? Some screenshots would also be very helpful…

@Eugene Eugene, will do. Now I thought I knw where settings were… but after an hour of searching… I am at a loss. Is System Settings>Logging on the Console or on the phone app? Any hints how to find it… I have failed to find them. This time on restart 3 of the 4 supercharts did not fill as show in the photos below.

@bigMoose you can turn app logging on/off in Settings app on your iPhone. In the list of your apps find Blynk there.

Thank you Eugene. Found it and turned on. Will forward some of that data when I figure out how to find it and download it.

For windows 10 is the data you want located at:
C:\Users(myuserid)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs

@bigMoose no, please use the Blynk app itself to get the logs.

So after you opened device and found charts empty (maybe just wait a bit to make sure this is not a networking issue), go to About page from main menu in Blynk app.
Tap the “Send Logs” link to open mail composer with logs already attached.
If you don’t have mail account set on your iPhone, you can tap-n-hold the same “Send Logs” link to open standard share sheet.

@Eugene, logs sent per your request. I cc’d myself and received them, so it appears they went out. To get the SuperChart to fill I just flick a little scroll to the right and it fills. Scroll to the left it does not fill if done first.

The logs were sent to the gmail account that the blynk app wanted to use, and these were sent from my account that begins with “dave.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com

Thank you for your help.

@bigMoose thanks, got the logs, will be looking into it.

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@bigMoose the fix will be available in the next app update, should be shortly.
For now you may check the fix in the latest beta build from Testflight

For performance reason I’d recommend you to turn logging back off.

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@Eugene thank you for the very fast SuperChart fix! You folks are great! I hope my catch of this anomaly helped to make your app stronger for your commercial clients.

I did turn logging off, was looking if I needed to delete the old logs, but didn’t find a way to do that… so is the proper response to let them reside where ever they are?

Thank you again!

yes… good point though, I’ll add an option to clear logs from About page.

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