Pot2 smart plant pot / garden with nodemcu

hello everyone, just wanted to share a completed project… check it out.!!


Looks cool, you should post your code :slight_smile:

Step 9 at the instructable…:wink:

here you go,


Hi, amazing pot. Dear I was reading the code and I would like to know how I can turning on a water pump with a relay device, when this condition in your code is met, if (value_water <300) then some of the gpio ports should be written with 3.3 v to turning on the pump. could you help me with your comments to know this part of the code? Thanks

good idea

BTW I don’t understand why people make battery project with the worst sensor possible in terms of energy comsumption

(really …is not a criticism)

What would you suggest?

a way to switch the sensor off when it is not being used :slight_smile:

Some sensors have a virtually off mode. Most don’t but some do.

the moisture sensor is based on sending current to two metal plates and measuring resistance!

unless you turn it off, it sits there and chews power!

deep sleep mode needs to be applied, i just dont know how :slight_smile:

@0bios01 you don’t know the SW or HW set up for deepSleep, or both?

hey, the codebender page where the code is, on the left side there are other codes. choose “water sensor” - and look through other ones, what you want is there
you do need to use a 3V logic relay if using nodemcu board, here is a link; http://r.ebay.com/uLKip8
codebender seems to be down now, so i can’t reach the codes, once its up i can write you the correct one, or send a direct link if you can’t figure it out, sorry it took me a few days to reply :frowning:

yea neither, and which one should i choose…?

the pot2 doesnt have to check the status all day long, only 2 times/day even just 1 time is plenty

You need both. Hardware to be wired up in a particular way and software calling deepSleep.
Both are very straightforward. Ask Google for the details.