Posting/Pushing Data directly from GSM Engine to Blynk Cloud using TCP/IP?

I need some info regarding Blynk Cloud server, which I can’t seem to find myself.
I am working on a personal project, where I have to send data onto the server (can be Blynk thankfully) from my GSM Engine (A7 Ai Thinker GSM/GPRS Shield) using TCP/IP Protocol. I don’t have Arduino or any other Blynk-related hardware. I am just sending AT Commands to my GSM shield from PIC Controller. I know the AT Commands for TCP/IP connections, but I was wondering if this was possible on Blynk. If it’s possible, how do I get Blynk IP, Port, and keys, etc. which are required for GSM Engine. Earlier it was possible with, where

 AT+CIPSTART="TCP", "",80 

would have done the job.

Kindly help me with this, if it’s possible with Blynk too, kindly direct me to related documentation or tutorial, etc.


Blynk is much more than simply a data storage server, so isn’t simply a drop-in replacement for the sparkfun server.
Also, before you go any further you need to understand what data you’ll be able to retrieve from the free cloud server. At best you’ll get 1 minute resolution with about the last 10 days worth of data returned to you. If you want more than that then you need to go to hourly averages, or daily averagesd, but you’ll never be able to go back firher than a few months unless you set-up a local Blynk server.

ping for the IP

80 or 8080

This is the Auth Token that is generated when you create a project and add a device in the Blynk app

More info here: