Possible to run app without Blynk server connection?

Is it possible to start a Blynk app to run without a server connection?

I’m using BLE to my hardware. If I launch the Blynk app while my Android device has an internet connection, then disconnect from the internet, I seem to be able to control all of the hardware functions I care about. But, if I’m disconnected from the internet before I launch the Blynk app, it won’t open, because the app is looking for updates from the Blynk cloud.

In my scenario, I’ll be using my hardware for photography in remote locations without a cellular or wifi connection. I know that I can set up a private Blynk server on a Raspberry Pi and bring with me as a solution to this problem. But, it’s one more piece of gear to carry and power.

If I could download an “offline snapshot” of my app and settings to run when disconnected, I think that would cover my needs.

I understand that there would be complexities to solve - like if offline clients made changes to the app that need to be sync’d later. But I’d be fine if “offline snapshots” were not editable.

Is this currently possible, and/or is this something that could be possible in the future?


What happens if you hit the back button while it is trying to find the updates?

Doesn’t work. I get the message below and if I hit Back again, the app closes.

Couldn’t connect to the server. Check you internet connection and try again.