Possible to plot detailed temp in graph in Web dashboard?

Trying out the Web Dashboard. Plotting Temp from a datastream.
I can see I can set plot to be MIN, MAX and AVG, and this seems to be “per interval”.
Such interval seems to be “hour” in a day plot and “day” in a week and month plot.

If correct understood, this means I can plot the following over a week (for example):

  • Max temp per day

  • Min temp per day

  • Avg temp per day.

  • But I cant plot each hour temp data over a week. (Only over a day.)

This is a bit limiting for me. I’d rather see a plot with “hour-intervals” over a week and month. Or, also interesting, plot the measured value at a certain timestamp, 13:00 for example, over a week or month. (This might be close to MAX, but is more standardized in weather documentation.)


  • Have a missed any setting or similar to get “hour-interval” plots over a week and month in Web Dashboard?
  • If not possible, I’d like to forward my wish for such a possibility.

Another option could be to plot MIN and MAX per interval. A vertical line from MIN sample to MAX sample within each interval. You can then easily see min and max temps over a day. Also useful.

That’s correct. We will fix it with the next deployment (in the next 2-3 days). And Weekly data will be per hour. This is actually a “typo” bug, sorry for that. We just spotted that recently.

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Thanks Dmitriy!

Just one idea. Maybe interesting for others.

  • Introduce a “selection” in web UI so the user/viewer can toggle between MAX, MIN, AVG when looking at the graph.
    In same/similar way a user/viewer can select time frame (hour, 6 hour, week, month, etc).

I believe interesting.


Thanks. That’s a good idea. We’ll think how we can improve that.