Possible for a device to display scanned tags?

Question about architecture

I’m using a Particle.io device to scan for bluetooth tags. So each device has a cluster of tags associated with it.

I see I can maybe display them in a table, using events?

The bigger problem is that I need the user to be able to add/remove/rename the tags via the app.
I can’t work out how to go about this?

Appreciate your help!

Hello, you can turn on apply tag in event settings. The tag will be added to the device after the event is triggered

What plan you use? You can check all permissions (settings->roles and permissions)

Presumably you are maintaining the database of tags in NVRAM on your device, using SPIFFS or LittleFS, with details of the Record ID, Tag ID, Friendly name and any other associated data?

If so then you need to write routines to add new data records, delete existing records and edit existing records. These routines will need to work outside of Blynk, then you can start to add Blynk into the equation.

I would have thought that printing the records to the Terminal widget would allow you to see the existing entries, then use the Record ID to select which tag you wish to edit or delete. If it’s being edited then you’d populate text or numeric input widgets with the existing data, edit the record then send it back to your device.
If it’s being deleted then the process is simpler.

Adding a new device would presumably require you to scan the new tag to obtain its ID then use the app to fill-in the missing data fields, which is similar to editing, then committing this record to the database in the next available vacant Record ID slot.

I do something similar with RFID tags on a door entry system, but using Node-Red and MQTT to interrogate the database and to add/amend records.