Possible bug shows up in serial monitor

Attached is screen print of a blynk example sketch with network parameters completed. In this case the IP address of the arduino uno is . During testing I see on my firewall a repeated 124 byte packet (tcp 8442) being sent with this correct address and a 84 byte packet returns every other send.
The blynk app reports that there is no arduino connected.
The serial monitor shows this connection request but doesn’t give any clues as to the reason for the failure to connect.
Its not clear to me if the ip address error show in the serial monitor ( is anything to do with this problem.
I guess I’ll have to look at the returning packet with wireshark to see if that gives any clues unless anyone else has any ideas.

I have no clue what your issue is. However, you can see by the screen capture that I have included, I have had some very long connection times.At other times I connect right away using the exact same hardware on the same network running the exact same sketch. I just let it go and at some point it connects.
Good Luck

Thanks for that response. (It seems other users are also getting delays.)
I couldn’t include my firewall screen print last time (since limited to one upload only).
So here it is if that gives further clarity to anyone else.

Hello. Is there any chance that something wrong with your network parameters?

Hi Dmitry.
I get a response from the blynk server so I think its unlikely there are issues at the network layer unless these are somehow connected with the issues mpo881 mentioned. I will leave mine connected for a few hours today after checking the auth key again.
As you are a blynk ‘supporter’ then the error in the serial monitor is worthy of escalation.
Also why the sketch sends out every other packet to the blynk server with a zero payload.
My guess is that you can’t look at blink server logs with my auth key to see what is going on?
Cheers for now.

Have now changed sketch to use cloud.blynk.cc but makes no difference to packet exchange.
I also looked at packets contents but nothing obvious other than a basic send and an acknowledge.
If there is any documentation that shows typical packet flow from arduino to blynk then please give me a URL.

I’ve now tried a few different versions of arduino and blynk s/w.
Have now changed from manually setting IP addresses to DHCP and just putting the auth key in the sketch.
The latter also results in the serial monitor suggesting the address is (pool starts at 111).

A screen print is attached below for completeness.-

I would love to help but also have no clue what is wrong here. Does Arduino Http sketch works for you (no blynk code at all)?

It seems as though the serial monitor issue (0.x.y.z) has been happening for many arduino software releases.
Unfortunately no one mentioned that fact !.
I’ve now traced the communications between arduino and blynk to be sure of my ground that network layer is working fine. A new post has been created - what is wrong with blynk services.