Possibilities to wake up ESP8266 from deep sleep

Hey Blynk Communinty,

i read a lot about deep sleep mode here in the forum and i was wondering if there is like a recap of all possibilities to wake up the ESP8266 of its deep sleep mode. I am especially interested in waking it up from Blynk-application-side.

Hope you can help me with my issue.

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It’s not possible to wake the ESP8266 from sleep, using the app, as Wi-Fi is switched off during both deep and light sleep. This means that in these states the device is not communicating with the Blynk server, so won’t see any commands to wake up.

One possibility is to have the device wake-up every so often (maybe once every minute or every hour) to check the state of a control such as a switch widget in the Blynk app. You would do this with the Blynk.syncBirtual(Vpin) command, and if the switch widget is now On then the device would perform a set of commands. If it was Off then it would go back to sleep.
Obviously, if you want a responsive system then the sleep period would have to be short, which defeats the object of the exercise.


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