Port Forwarding

I am trying to set up port forwarding for my local blynk server and im not sure how to fill in the infotmation. The information required inclueds:

Global Port Range -
Base Host Port
Protocol <TCP / UDP / Both>

Global Port Range - this is ports you want to open for world. Blynk uses 8443, 8442. 8441. So you need to specify those 3.
Base Host Port - not sure what is that. Usually for port forwarding you need to specify how to forward public ports to private ports. So here I suppose should be same ports as in “Global Port Range”.
Protocol - TCP/UDP.

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In the Global Port Range there are only two fields to fill in, and in the Base Host Port there is only one field to fill in:

Global Port Range [xxxx] - [xxxx]
Base Host Port [xxxx]
Protocol [TCP / UDP / Both]

Global Port Range [xxxx] - [xxxx]

8441 - 8443
Base Host Port - let’s try to skip it first.
Protocol - TCP or both

It will not allow me to skip that field.

I’m guessing that because 8441 is the lowest port, that I should use it for the Base Host Port?

No, I’m guessing you can make more than 1 entry? You should specify Global Port and Base Host for each seperate port. So you will get three rules:

Global Port Range 8441 - 8441
Base Host Port 8441
Protocol TCP

Do this for each port. If it still doesn’t work, please let me know the brand of your modem/router and I will look into it.

Btw, please remember to create certficates if you use local server. You wouldn’t want the whole world to overload your systems :wink:

a field exist in my router named Common service port (in port forwarding section)


Which one do i choose ?


You don’t, you have to setup a custom port for each Blynk port you want to use. E.g. 8441, 8442 and 8443 (depending a bit on what you want to control from where).

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How to forward port on D-Link DIR615 to run local Blynk server via internet

Thats the how-to for your router.
Use the ports you wish

am i doing it right over there

abologies the image didnt load for me, thought you were asking a question

ok sir thanks for your support

i can leave it blank also i case of TP Link router