Plus Account - 'User' Profile Purpose

I have recently subscribed to the ‘Plus’ Account and quickly noticed that when I try to invite a new user to my ‘Organization’ for the purpose of sharing one of three devices I have created, the user can see all three devices, instead of just the one I want to share.

After reading several comments on this feed, I tried to solve this problem by transferring ownership to the new user and setting the new user to the ‘User’ level, instead of ‘Admin’ or ‘Staff’. However this only hid all devices for that user, because as per the ‘Rolls and permissions>Owned Devices’ View Devices is not active - also ‘User’ does not have anything active on any category (except for ‘Automation execute’) at the ‘User’ level. When I try ‘Staff’, the new user can see all three devices,

So my question is: Is this a bug, (and should ‘User’ be allowed to see their owned devices) OR was this an intentional limitation of the ‘Plus’ account?

Hello, @Justin6544

It is not bug. All users can see all devices in organization. It is by default. About Roles and Permissions, ability edit only for PRO plan

That’s the problem, the default permissions for each role are crazy!…


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Thank you Pete for your reply. I see it 100% the same as you do.

As you already stated, the three roles should, by default, be able to do the following:

User Role: See and control devices that they own

Staff Role:See and control all organizational devices

Admin Role: See, control and manage all organizational devices along with template, user, OTA etc. functions

I’m hoping the Blynk team will take these logical Rolls and Permission structures into consideration. This would provide a much more scalable product from the grassroots all the way up to high-volume commercial players… Currently there is a large gap between the Plus and the Pro plan.


Yeah, as it sits the User role is basically pointless and you need to have all users be “Staff”, which is equally problematic due to the fact that they are essentially Admins from the device point of view.

@Pavel had told me in a previous thread that they were looking into it but I had assumed that the situation in Ukraine (entirely understandably) had shuffled the User/Staff/Admin problem to the sideline.

If this is actually the intended usage of the User role, I don’t see why it even exists as a selectable option for the “Plus” plans as a “User” under the plus plan is not a functional role. They can’t see devices, they just exist, with no actual access of any sort.

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This fix is coming next. ~month


Awesome, glad to hear Pavel, thanks for the update!

Thanks @Pavel this is welcome news. I appreciate the quick response. Looking forward to seeing this change come to fruition.