Plugin for Tasker/Locale (Android)

I’m a big fan of Tasker (automation for android), and was thinking that a plugin for tasker would make great option for Blynk.
I know some of the functions are already on the way like gps. But this would make it possible to make actions based on almost anything. Like when a app is opened, to what wifi you are connected to or if its plugged to power.
I don’t have any damn-awsome-sketch ideas myself for motivation right now, but since Blynk is minded to be so versatile, i think it would be a perfect option.

Cons are, that its only available for Android, and i’m not that into how much programming it would take.
Pros would be almost endless :slight_smile:


Add Automate, Trigger (event and task automation apps for Android) to the list :grinning:

This would open a ton of possibilities for automation!