Please rework app sharing; it's cumbersome and unlogical

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to Blynk but I’ve already tried to share an app with my brother and a couple other family members. It kind of works but it’s highly cumbersome. What’s the reason for how it is done? Why can I not share my apps with registered users? Why do they have to log out in order to use the app?

So, please, developers, rework the app sharing feature so that apps can be shared with specific registered users too! I’d really appreciate it and I’m wildly guessing many other users would too.

Der Ingenieur

I’ve read your post three times and I still don’t understand what is the problem. You can share or clone your app with anyone using qr code, and I really can’t think of easier and simpler way to do that. Any user who scans your qr code becomes ‘registered’ to use your app. And you log in to Blynk app only if you want to create, not to use project. So if all of your family members did log in with facebook and other credentials, and then tried to scan qr, I can see what the problem is: you must read the docs first, wild guessing will not help you here.

Yeah, exactly that is pretty much the problem that I do not understand why it exists at all. I know that if they are logged out they can use my app. But I don’t understand why they have to log out to do so. If my brother decides to also create blynk apps he’ll have to constantly switch between login and logout in order to use his and my app. Why is that so? What is the reason for that you cannot scan app QR codes while logged in?

@DerIngenieur thanks, all this in our roadmap already.

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but after all, why is this in “issues and errors” category? this is neither issue nor error, it is how the system intended to work. it should be rather in “ideas”…


Only takes a couple of seconds to log in and out, not really a big issue as far as I’m concerned.

I generally think of a sharer as a numpty that can’t do it themselves. Once your brother starts building his own projects he will not normally be interested in your shared projects.

That’s good to hear. Generally speaking, your approach is awesome! Yet, it bears room for improvement. That’s why I suppose, feedback is always welcome. I apologize if I’ve come across a bit rude. It’s just that I’ve been dealing with a lot of yak shaving getting my IoT solution working. And it’s just a garage gate that I would like to be able to open/close and which my family should be able to open/close as well.

We use different hard- and software, like, I’m using Android and my brother and his SO are using iOS. I’m looking for some kind of one-fits-all solution, which your app definitely has the potential to be. I’m really keen to see improvements especially on multi-user experience.

So, despite the criticism, keep up the great work!

Not a big issue but still an issue. It’s one step too many in my book. But as @Dmitriy already said, it’s on the roadmap.

It’s an issue with my individual user experience.

i see :slight_smile:

the “issues and errors” category is reserved for the bugs discovered in the blynk library or app, though, not for personal “issues”.

topics posted in this category are usually high priority for the devs, so please use it accordingly.


OK but the category you posted in is for bugs that you find, this is not a bug.

Sharing was designed to demonstrate the power of Blynk to the billions of none believers.

Android and iOS are almost identical now so simply give trusted associates your login credentials or clone the hardware and software until your idea becomes a reality.