Please make several pricing plans

Hello blynk team, thank you for your efforts. Is there a monthly or annual subscription plan for one device at a reduced price

Hey there.

There is the plus plan which is 6.99 $ when you pay monthly and 59.99 $ when you pay annually.

Thank you for your reply. I mean if there is a subscription for one device only, with a subscription of $1 per month, for example, and each additional device as well.

The nearest to that is the free plan.

Do you really think that it makes good business sense for Blynk to have dozens of different pricing plans, every time someone suggests a variation on the existing plans?


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Yes, if you have one device only, you should use the free plan.
The plus plan is only 5$ per month when pay annually so it’s fairly cheap.

Thank you, Pete. Mostly, I think it makes sense that there is more than one pricing plan to meet all users. I often sell an air conditioner control device only, and then the customer asks for another device. The free plan is only one device and the plus plan is 10 devices if there is a plan to buy an additional device or more.

You can buy more devices even if you were using the free plan. each device will cost you 4.99$ ( one time purchase ).

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Thanks for the reply @John93 , I could not buy one device. The available options are plus and pro only

There are three pricing plans, with the option to buy additional devices, and add additional user packs for the Pro plan.

If you’re doing this commercially then you ought to be using the Pro plan and managing your users and devices from within that. I believe that there are new features in the pipeline that would make this approach more suitable to your scenario, but I guess you already know that and don’t want to pay.


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Of course, I want to subscribe to a plan, but I want the subscription to be specific to each client on his official email and bank account, but I prefer that the subscription be on the number of client devices. It is not logical to subscribe to the pro plan with 10 devices and the client has two or three devices Do you understand what I mean @PeteKnight



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I am in an economically weak area and there is no banking system for payment. Customers depend on google play balance for payment. If I make customers’ devices on their email, they pay. I take my profit for one time from the customer because I rely on selling in large quantities and I do not rely on continuous profit because it does not fit with clients @PeteKnight

And where do Blynk make their profit in this scenario?


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The customer will pay the monthly or annual subscription through a Google account, but I want a less expensive pricing plan for customers who have two or three ready ones so that I can sell to the largest number of customers and not be high. I seek a high monthly plan and cause a lack of sales

Perhaps I am making a request that does not fit the policy of blynk, but I recommend it so that the blynk is suitable for all segments of society. Thank you

Which will be zero if the use the free Blynk plan, and a one-off payment for each additional device they need to add.


Hi @wasemooo4

We are working on a new add-on for PRO plan, where you will be able to “publish” your template.

This will allow anyone with your device to activate it and use it without monthly payments. Activation is $4.99 per device and we recommend adding that to the price of your device. Best part: even if you cancel your PRO subscription, already activated devices will continue to work.

This is called Blynk.Discovery and it will be available closer to the end of this year.


This is great news!