Please give me advice

A company has ordered 175 smoke sensors and I’m thinking of using an mq2 sensor and I’m going to pair the devices with blynk. Please advise, is using an mq2 sensor a good option?

In my personal opinion, the MQ2 Gas Sensor Module is a great choice.
You can find more details here

Thank you, dear @John93 . It is possible to use copper cables to connect. The length of the wire may reach 50 meters. Do you think it will work and give me an accurate reading, or will it cause problems due to the length of the wire?

Long wires can cause problems like

1- Voltage drops due to their resistance/impedance

2- They act as a low pass filter and thus limit the bandwith

3- They pick up interference

Personally, I’d say that if you don’t already know if this sensor is appropriate then you shouldn’t be manufacturing smoke detectors.
You could leave yourself open to legal action, and more importantly you could put peoples lives in danger if the devices don’t work as expected.

You should also be aware of the regulations regarding smoke detectors in different environments for the country where they are being used. Your customers will almost certainly fail a fire inspection if they can’t produce a compliance certificate for the equipment they are using, and their insurance will be invalidated if their fire detection equipment is non-compliant.



Thank you, my dear, I know that any glitch will cause legal issues for me, so I am consulting with you to provide me with advice to choose what is suitable for this project

I still think that you’re missing the point. Commercial fire detection equipment needs to be designed, manufactured, tested and certified to the required standards for the country and environment (domestic, commercial etc) that it will be used in.
I doubt very much that it would be financially viable to get a product certified if you’re making a run of just 175 units, and as a manufacturer you will need an appropriate level of public liability insurance - which will be high for manufacturing products in the fire safety sector.
The very fact that you’re asking these questions in this forum, rather than a fire safety equipment design and manufacturing forum tells me that you’re looking for advice in the wrong places.


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