Playing music with arduino and car horns

Anyone tried to play music with arduino? My good friend, car freak, is going to marry in 2 weeks and I just got the idea to create an instrument that will play wedding march on car horns. I will assemble them together and in theory I can play song simply using arduino board and relays. But in practice I have no idea, knowledge and time to do it.

Has anyone any experience with anything similar?

Yes, many have, using many methods.

Native “music” on an arduino is extremely complex and limited sounding (thinking Daisy Bell or Mario Theme), but using an arduino to control a MP3 playback device is much more common… and you could even use the Music Player Widget to control it… but as for the over all hardware and sketch, you would do best to Google that search.

However if this is the case, then stick with a Boombox :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually it is not about playing the music with arduino. Arduino just needs to open and close relays in desired timings (according to tunes)

That’s what I would think. Just triggering some relays to control either some solenoid valves plumbed to some air horns (like in the video above), or some regular car horns. I think the real trick will be finding the right tone and figuring out the proper time to have the horns on and off.

Remember if you plan on incorporating this into BLYNK, do not use delays, use the BLYNK timer.

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That can’t be too hard, but I doubt two weeks is enough if you need to start from scratch.