Pinpoint on Blynk map widget

Hi, I’m a newbie to programing and electronic stuff. I just wondering are there any possibility that we can pinpoint a specific location on Blynk map widget and get its longitude and latitude. I’m using the wemos d1 board and neo m8n gps module. Thank you!

Sorry, no. The map is one way only (it shows info, it doesn’t take touch input, aside from moving the viewpoint)… the SHOW MY LOCATION option in the widget will show the phone/tablet location, but the Map will not show coordinates in the reverse, based on you touching a random location on the screen.

Aside from the phones position, you can use your GPS module to show locations on the map… based on the module location.

You will need to learn a bit of programming to work with any existing code examples for that module (Google for those) in-order to merge that info into the Maps Widgets needed format.

Search this forum for others who have done similar.

Great, appreciate the help!