Pincode widget request

Hi , i am doing a project with a rollout of the interface to multiple users. However i only want one user to be able to push the buttons. Other users with acces to the project should not be allowed to mess around with the buttons
For this , i request a Pin widget. The project owner sets up the pin (and can change it all the time. Only the user who has the pincode entered can control the buttons, sliders etc (all input), the output widgets are usable for all, even without the pincode (as a viewer only)

Is it something you would consider or is there another way to accomplish the above functionality?

I have experimented with the menu widget and the terminal. But this requires a hardcoded pincode , and this is not flexible enough

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This is what I would do…

Set up your hardware as it is now for the high-level user (and yourself), then create new project and auth code, set up a Bridge and send all the data you wish the low-level users to view on the seperate project. You could make a read-only interface for example.

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Hi Jamin, I appreciate your response, however this will not work in my case. 10 users have to have acces to the “control apps” but only one of these 10 is allowed to use it on day 1, on another time, one of the other users is allowed to control and the rest only viewing. The user allowed at that moment, I would like to setup the pin code and send it by email to that person. The others do not know the current pin, so the can not control. I am deciding when to change the pin and it should be outside the hardcore . I hope this makes my request more clear. Any other ideas are of course welcome Jamin


Sounds like some sort of timeshare project.

You could set up a the hardware to generate a password based on the RTC widget… then send you an email at midnight with the new password.
You could then have the user enter the password in to terminal widget to unlock the system.
The only issue again is that the hardware is now active for all of the users who use the app.

You would also face the save issue with a pincode widget.

If you know your exact user number, you could make a new auth code for each user, create project for each, then send each their own full time access… BUT… use a RTC widget to change the Bridge authcode based on who’s turn it is… yo ucould even change acess from an “admin” project panel…
Obviously this would require upwards of 10 auth codes/bridges and projects… so would get VERY messy.

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Idea is great, however this functionality is not available at this moment. Setting roles would add a lot of complexity to the existing UI.

Hovewer, we develop custom features for businesses and then this features can be added back to Blynk app. So if someone order it, we will do it for sure.

Pincode might be added, but it will be a general setting, not for controlling individual widgets security.

Individual settings per widget are not necessary in my project.

Is there a way to read the MAC address from the connected app device? This way I can exclude certain operations based on the recognized MAC address

You can find mac addresses of android devices which are in your router settings.


  String MACstring = WiFi.macAddress();
  Serial.print("ESP MAC address ");

ESP MAC address 18:FE:34:CF:3F:06

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Unfortunately this is not the way. I need the MAC address of the device connected to the blynk cloud server sending the state change of a button
If in some way this can be read inside the esp8266 software, I can compare this with the allowed MAC address to controle the state of for example a button
A router will only provide info about devices in the same network and this is not true for my project

Costas, I need the mac address of the iPhone or android device running the blynk app, not the MAC address of the ESP ,unfortunately:-(

This will work but is indeed very messy and not scale able and would require a lot of maintenance

Could you not clone the project 10 times and then based on the 10 tokens cycle through the 10 days allowing certain tokens to have full control of the buttons?

Hi Costas

If you know how many controls I have in this app, and I have to clone it 10 times and share it 10 times, my energy levels drain in no time for the widgets

So this would not be a healthy approach for me

maybe wait for the GPS widget, since only users in the close area of the device can then control the esp. That will be fine if the range is limited to 10 meters

Energy is free on locally hosed servers.

That will trigger the hardware when someone comes close… then the users everywhere will have access.

How about setting up a local server on an internal network only so the user has to be physically in the area/on the local wifi to get acess to the app.

Then you could have two projects… one for internal controll acces… and another for external viewing access

Hi Jamin, that would make sense. However I hoped to get rid off the computer in my solution.
The solution you are suggesting would then use a changing password of the network to block unwanted users at that time

The “computer” could just be a small Rasberry Pie… very simple and fast to setup… and a tiny footprint.
I think my last suggestion is your best option if you wish to use Blynk as the control app. Local network aces for high level user. External access with low-level acess (opn read only widget interface). Would require only 2 projects.
The main issue you face in all the options is that the logic is controlled by the hardware. And the app isnt designed to have a user-level access layer like Pavel mentioned.