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Good afternoon Friends,
is there a command or widget in the app that does the function of locking a pin when the phone connects to the same network or something? Actually, I thought about it now because I need a solution for a light that I’ll put in the room and it will light up when I open the door, and I need it not to light up when I’m at home

No, there isn’t.

You either need to go for a geofencing solution, or a presence detection system.
If you’re an android user then you could use the GPS Trigger widget or IFTTT geofencing (you can still have three free applets with IFTTT).
iOS users don’t have the GPS Trigger widget.

There are a variety of presence detection systems available, which recognise when your phone is connected to the network, but I’ve not found one that runs on an ESP device which works well with Apple devices. A Raspberry Pi is probably the best platform for a good presence detection system.


then it will be possible to make a command that when a pin is in HIGH for example (light on) he always leave the pin of this sensor in low?
and an ldr sensor together

I don’t really understand the question.


block or cancel an “X” output when any of the other “A, B or C” outputs is at HIGH

Once you can establish whether your phone is within the geofences area, or connected to your hone WiFi with a presence detection system, then you can do whatever you want to with that information.
That includes overriding default actions or taking other actions, provided you are a good enough coder.


no … gps is out of the question
it would be with code …
let’s say I have 3 output pins for lamps, if any of these pins are in HIGH, block a door to not work while any of these 3 pins is in HIGH

Sounds like your on the right track. You will need an if statement in your code.

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Your original question talked about your phone being at home, and detecting this via the WiFi network that the phone was connected to; then your device adopting a different behaviour when this situation occurs.

Are you saying that this isn’t now your requirement?


no … i was wondering if there is any way to block a pin when my cell phone connects to wifi network …
so i said i didn’t want to by gps …

And I said that there wasn’t, at least not within Blynk, so offered some alternative approaches.


I’m sorry, now I understand … thanks