Physical product tracking around a warehouse- Opinions needed (possible widgets)

Hey Blynkers- curious if you can give some input. :sunglasses:

I have a need for tracking physical objects- I move produce at my company from place to place in a warehouse- there is a start room, growing rooms of different climates, a refrigeration area, and a sales area. Ideally, I would like to encode an RFID tag/QR code (super open to creative suggestions) with unique info, and scan the product as it enters a new area- I have a separate ESP at each room who’s sole purpose is to read the RFID, append room info/date and send the info off to a database (Blynk, can you plz incorporate a database ability in local server?)… .Maybe even have a widget similar to history graph where i can just scroll up and view recent appends… I would need to be able to view this data later, and be able to make comparisons to other data… climate, etc.

It would be awesome if there was a way i could program in database rules like "if unique ID is of product type X and has been in room A for Y period of time, send message “TIME TO MOVE PRODUCT TO ROOM B” Is… this a thing?

I also would love to have a widget that can can utilize a phone camera for scanning/sending a QR code (you guys already basically have this!) to a virtual pin… Gonna keep plugging at this one :slight_smile:

Anyone have some tracking thoughts?


Tracking stuff is very serious business. There are lots of things around the world which are tracked. I could tell you, for instance, we want to experiment with bluetooth trackers and such to provide for tracking beds, infusion pumps and what not mobile hospital equipment. Since all the stuff is really expensive it could potentially save much money and time finding a bed or some medical equipment (which is also good for the patient :slight_smile: ). I’d rather go for a smart tag than something as simple as a QR code. That way you can dynamically allocate a certain code or tag instead of having to make a new one.

I presume you are talking about something like agriculture. I imagine you have a big case full of, let’s say, cucumbers. In my ideal vision the case has an e-ink screen which dynamically generates a QR code with the needed info (this also comes from a hospital try-out btw, to put a patients name on the room which is linked the healthcare file, always the right name on the right door, also could provide essential infectious disease info and whatnot). E-ink is low power and once the screen has set, it doesn’t change anymore. You could do years with a 9v battery.

Needless to say if you dynamically allocate QR, you can also add the ability to warn you for storage times, but, as you say, it will require some sort of database behind it, not just simple logging of vPin values. Could be using the http api/rest calls to a webserver which handles that?

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