Phones Flash Light on hardwares sensor triggering


is there a way to keep phones flash light ON while the hardwares input sensor state is reading HIGH?

• Arduino MKR1000 with WiFi
• Smartphone iOS
• Blynk server/local server

As far as i know, only sensors are supported by Blynk on the smartphone itself. It is not possible (?) to trigger any of the output devices (leds, speaker - except notification, etc)


I think the phone has to be rooted first :shushing_face:

That would be a pity… Was dreaming about possibility to use Arduino with proximity switch as trigger for switching the phones flash light on, kinda low speed stroboscope with wireless trigger sensor.
Probably will have to implement it with few controllers and nrf24…

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I think it would be possible but would require a Blynk app update to implement it, @Eugene?

Or use Blynk firmware on ESP, assuming WiFi coverage is sufficient. But I’m not sure if it will be fast enough for this usage scenario.

Thanks for your replies! :+1: I think I will try to “Submit the idea” and who knows, maybe this function will be implemented!) because what could be more comfortable in the hand than the phone?)))

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