Phone only vibrates with notify Blynk app is open


In my newest project I wanted to get a nottification using blynk.notify, I got the notification to work, but I also want my phone to vibrate when I get the notification. I checked the permissions on my phone (android) and it has permission to vibrate. I tested it multiple times with high and normal priority but the phone only vibrates when the Blynk app is open on the screen, when it is minimalised it does not work.

I’m using the latest version of the app and the latest local server.

Does anyone know what needs to be changed to get this to work?

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but at least the notification sound is working?
what phone? what os / version?

I tested it and the sound is working, however my phone is always on vibrate. So i need it to vibrate to be able to notice it(it let me knows if the doorbel is ringing)

I’m using a galaxy s6 with the latest updates, so it runs android 7.0.

Every other app like my mail, my agenda and weather app vibrates. I checked all the settings i can find on my phone and it is allowed to vibrate. And ofcourse it does vibrate when the app itself is open on screen, but i need it to vibrate when my screen is locked or any other situation.

i see. maybe it is a bug in the app. i change the category to “issues and errors”.

@BlynkAndroidDev, could you please check this?

Sure, we’ll check


can confirm that blynk.notify does not make a sound or vibrate when outside of the app (Samsung S6)

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the op just confirmed it does make a sound when outside of app, just does not vibrate. so, the problem should be on your side.

try to manually select a notification sound for the project, because sometimes the app is not allowed to access media content by default. this could be the cause, it happened to me several times. on s5.

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@Cypher1, please test with latest app, and if the problems is solved, edit the topic category to “solved”. thanks!

Confirmed working, thanks for the quick solve! Really appreciate it.

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