Personal server after 1/1/23

I use a blynk personal server with legacy app.
What happening after 1/1/23 ?
Is possible to use app and personal server again .
Thank you

On 31/12/2022 Blynk will de-commission the three Legacy cloud servers located in New York, Frankfurt and Singapore.
As you don’t use either of these servers your Blynk Legacy setup will continue to work as it does now.

Obviously Blynk has already removed the Legacy apps from the App/Play stores, so you won’t easily be able to re-instal them in future. The apps won’t be updated to cope with new version of iOS and Android, so presumably over time you won’t be able to run these apps on the latest phones.

In addition there will be no new releases of the server code, so vulnerabilities will be discovered over time and won’t be fixed. You may also have issues with versions of Java being retired in future, and the current server.jar files may not be compatible with the latest Java versions.

Ultimately, you should plan to migrate to either Blynk IoT or a different platform.


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