Persisting data in LCD widget while device is offline?

Hi All,

Ecosystem: iOS Blynk app (3.5.7) on iPhone 14 Pro Max, communicating with various devices (Particle Boron, Argon, Photon 1, Photon 2; ESP32; etc.).

I use LCD widgets with many of my devices to display a variety of data. Whenever a device goes offline, and I subsequently launch the Blynk app, I want the app to retrieve the last-reported values from the server and display them (similar to how devices use syncVirtual() to obtain up-to-date data from the server) – but instead, I typically get a blank LCD display.

This is especially problematic with some of my devices; for example I have a some battery-operated devices which report their last going-to-sleep time just before they enter Ultra-Low-Power or Hibernation. It is frustrating to have to look at another system, e.g. Particle Console, to determine the last-shutdown time, when the data was sent to the Blynk server and, it seems to me, should remain visible in the app widget until/unless invalidated or updated.

Is there a workaround or fix for this?


No, that’s how the LCD widget currently works in Blynk IoT.

You could use a different widget - labelled value for instance.
If your data updates are quite infrequent you could also use Event logging.


Thanks for the reply, Peter.

I am successfully using a labelled value as a workaround.

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