Hello, can anyone help me, for a price of 99,000 thousand Rupiah, will Maps in the Blynk application open, and how can I get through the 2 weeks of free use because I need Maps in Blynk for my college assignments. I’m from Indonesia Thank you

If you go to the Blynk website here:

and click the information buttons next to mobile and web widgets for each subscription plan you’ll see what widgets are available…

You’ll see that the Map widget is only available to Pro subscribers.

I’m not sure what you mean y this…


so the $6.99 Map widget wouldn’t open so I had to open a pro subscription, that’s too expensive for Rupiah currency

and I really need the $6.99 Map widget to complete my college assignments

There is no access to the Map widget with the Maker subscription.

Maybe you should look for a different solution?


OK, thank you for the information. Maybe I will look for another solution

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