Pedalino™: wireless MIDI foot controller, MIDI router and MIDI media converter



Smart wireless MIDI foot controller for guitarists and more.

  • High customizable using iOS or Android app
  • Multi purpose
  • Battery operated
  • 4 MIDI interface (USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, legacy DIN MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connectors)
  • No extra drivers to connect Windows, macOS, iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android
  • USB MIDI class-compliant device
  • Bluetooth LE MIDI (iOS compatible)
  • Network MIDI (aka AppleMIDI or RTP-MIDI)
  • ipMIDI
  • Open Sound Control (OSC)
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi 2.4 GHZ with WPA/WPA2 authentication
  • MIDI routing from/to any interface (USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, legacy)
  • MIDI clock master and slave
  • MIDI Time Code (MTC) master and slave
  • OSC to MIDI and vicecersa
  • Any number of pedals of any type in any order
  • Auto-sensing footswitches and expression pedals
  • Modular assembly of easy to find pieces of hardware and re-use of open source software libraries


  • Change preset to your favourite guitar rig
  • Transform legacy MIDI equipment to USB MIDI class-compliant device
  • Transform wired MIDI equipment into wireless MIDI equipment
  • Transform legacy MIDI equipment to OSC control surface
  • Connect Windows PC to macOS and iOS devices via AppleMIDI or Bluetooth LE
  • Hands-free way to control your audio parameters during live performance
  • Dramatically expanded audio system parameter control via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, MIDI or OSC.
  • Set your music free with wireless MIDI connectivity
  • Bluetooth wireless MIDI adaptor for connecting instruments with MIDI IN/OUT terminals to your iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) or Mac
  • Send MIDI messages using an IR remote control


  • Support for digital foot switches (momentary or latch), analog expression pedals and jog wheels (rotary encoders)
  • 10 banks of 16 controllers each (up to 8 controllers for lite version)
  • 3 user configuration profiles
  • Each port can connect 1 expression pedal or up to 3 foot switches for a maximum of 48 foot switches.
  • MIDI output via USB MIDI, Bluetooth, classic MIDI OUT connector, AppleMIDI (also known as RTP-MIDI) or ipMIDI via Wi-Fi
  • Send the following MIDI events: Program Change, Control Code, Note On/Off or Pitch Bend
  • MIDI channel, MIDI note, MIDI control code, MIDI program change can be configured by each pedal and by each bank
  • Switch debouncing and analog noise suppression without decreasing responsiveness
  • Invert polarity via software
  • Individual automatic calibration of expression pedals. Manual fine tuning is not usually requested.
  • Transform a linear expression pedal into log expression pedal and vice versa
  • Configuration via IR remote control
  • Change bank via IR remote control
  • Simulate footswitch push via IR remote control
  • Use any spare IR remote control
  • Smart Config technology to help users connect to a Wi-Fi network through simple app on a smartphone.
  • Firmware update via HTTP (http://pedalino.local/update)

iOS and Android App

The app is on the way. Here some images.

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Dear @alf45tar,
although I am not MIDI user at all, looking at your work in the github I am astonished.

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@alf45tar, I’m guitarist and your project is awesome !

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