PC Web Dashboard (BETA)

Hello Everyone! I’ve been working on creating a dashboard for the PC/Web Browser. I’ve been creating it with node.js and node-red. I’ve added a picture and will release it soon but because it is on my PC with no DNS or Port forwarding yet i cannot share it totally with the community. I hope you like it.


Looks nice. Is that some component or custom code?

That’s awesome! Looking forward to seeing more progress.

Custom Code - I was going to use the dashboard component but it didn’t function how i needed it to. So i used its design and re coded it

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Will it run on Raspberry Pi’s internal browser?

@safari this web dashboard runs on a Raspberry Pi Blynk Web Dashboard

@FunguyPro you might want to take a look at http://codepen.io as it provides a free webserver for the sort of project you are running.

I also use node-red dashboard to emulate blynk


Very interesting, can you share some details?


Hi. Can you help me to integrate Node-Red with Blynk?

Hello, everyone this is the url to the peoject. It doesnt do much yet but it gives you a feel for it. Thanks

@FunguyPro I don’t see the url.