PC Virtual Device acting as input controller

Hi I mentioned this in the Kickstarter comments and wanted to note it here again. This a request for possible future Blynk widget control of a process running on a PC as opposed to control of a uC end point.

What I envision is that the Blynk widgets would interact with a virtual device on the PC and that device would look like a custom game controller to the OS.

An example would be in a flight simulator where I may want to have two knobs (fuel mixture, flap trim), a switch (landing gear) and a graph (engine temp). I would create a simple Blynk app with these widgets which would set/get data from the PC virtual device and then be reflected in the game.

This gives me extra controls without the need for more hardware and possibly frees up screen space in my game as I may be able to offload some of the virtual gauges and de-clutter my cockpit.



Like it. And it seems to be very easy to implement.
I would personally like to get Blynk output in Processing.

Hi Based on your feedback you may already have some idea how you might implement my request … as an FYI I also found this software called vJoy which lets you emulate up to 16 joystick devices with various buttons and hat switches etc.


to bridge between the virtual device and the source it uses something called a feeder program. I think the feeder program woudl be the bridge between the Blynk smart phone app and the vJoy driver.

Wow, I like the idea, too.
Would be a great feature. :raised_hands:

I hope the resurrect is OK…

Instead of writing a custom feeder specifically for vJoy, I think a much better idea would be to add Blynk support to FreePIE. It would not only integrate with games much better, but it would allow for two-way communication. For example, you could press a button on your (actual physical) joystick and have indication of flaps/trim state on your tablet…

I think the communication is done with FreePIE plugin

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