Payment failed

Hi there,
I am a beginner in Blynk, I just wanna buy some widget, but the app always said Payment failed. I verified the google service is OK, I just recharged some dollors in Google Play, no problem. So I think there would be something wrong in Blynk and I delete it and reinstalled, but the problem is still there.
Thank you

Your forum signup and last login show as coming from two different countries/continents :airplane: :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you doing the same thing with the Google account? Perhaps Google Play is not liking your world hopping and may not authorize the payment depending on local :thinking:

Yes, I use VPN to login on Google Play. But if what you said is ture, it is still confusing that I can recharge in Google Play, but cannot pay in Blynk.

I don’t know… i never recharge anything Google Play related, mine is linked directly to a card.

@Dmitriy this something you can check out?

Hi Gunner,
Thank you for your attention. I made this out.
The reason of this is very simple. It is my mobile’s problem, the Blynk just cannot transfer to Google play due to its setup. I just reset the Google play that it can be woke up when I click the pay button.
Anyway, thank you very much! Now I can enjoy much more buttons.

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