Password Reset not Working Correctly

Existing user looking to activate a new device to qualify for the 5 free devices.

My password isn’t accepted and the Password Reset option just logs me in without providing the option to reset the password - if you then go to reset the password from the User Profile you need to enter the existing password, which doesn’t work.

If I setup a new account using the same email address will the additional devices be available?


From your question it seems as though you are expecting to be able to log into Blynk 2.0 with your old Blynk 0.1 credentials.

The old Blynk and the new Blynk are totally separate.
You need to create an account using the new Blynk system and then create a template and add a device.



Thanks for the reply Pete.

You’re correct - I will set up a new Blynk 2 account.

Do you know how we organise:

Get 5 additional FREE devices if you activate at least one device before July 25th
Everyone who activates at least one device on the new platform will automatically get 5 additional free devices ($25 value) added to their account on July 25th.

Is this done automatically just by using the same email address for the new account?


Since it is a separate entity, you can use same email… but, as I understand it, you will have to setup all your devices on the new system from scratch… so not automatic.

Sorry, not sure we are talking about the same thing - I understand that all existing devices will need to be setup again.

There was an offer to receive 5 additional free devices as detailed above - I’m not sure how these will be added to an account if we need to setup a new Blynk 2 account?

Well, if you setup a new account on the totally separate entity known as Blynk 2.0… then that is the account that the free devices would be applied to. So in that case, probably automatic. After you manually setup the first that is :slight_smile:

I don’t know.
I assume that you’ll get an email confirming that you are no longer limited to one device on your account, but I don’t know.

@Gunner it’s time to sleep, or have a coffee!


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I know… but at 4:20am it is a cool 31°C in the bedroom… brain is percolating, so no need for coffee :exploding_head:

But I will try…g’night :sleeping:

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Thanks guys - off to bed you go :slight_smile:

3rd (or 4th???) try around, this time provisioning keeps working when I have tried it.

And Air seems to get my package where I wanted, without false positives… so that is positive :grin:

Perhaps becasue I manually set this setting?


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