Parts of web-dashboard include in webpage

How can parts of the web dashboard be integrated into a web page?

Hey there,
Can you explain please ?

For example, i would like to know if there is a soloution to integrate a blynk chart or the hole blynk-web-dashboard on a normal website. So that you can e.g. observe the course of a chart without having to register.

So you would like to send data from blynk to other platforms like thingspeak for example right ?

Right. like thingspeak … but only with much nicer design.

You should use API

Thanks, but i would like to have the hole trend in e.g. one day, not only a value at the moment.

Can you tell me which platform are you using ?

I like to integrate a frame like this (below) in a html-side …

[iframe to thingspeak]()

better like this

is there a solution?

I guess it’s more recommended to use blynk web dashboard instead.

I would like to do similar, create a webpage dashboard that displays the output from multiple devices as an overview on a single webpage. At present, you can only see the dashboard for individual devices. Any tips on how to proceed?