Particle Photon PWM Error in Blynk Setup

The Particle Photon drives PWM from its digital pins (see note 3 below) (NOT the same as the Particle Core)

From the Photon Data Sheet…
[3] PWM is available on D0, D1, D2, D3, A4, A5, WKP, RX, TX with a caveat: PWM timer peripheral is duplicated on two pins (A5/D2) and (A4/D3) for 7 total independent PWM outputs. For example: PWM may be used on A5 while D2 is used as a GPIO, or D2 as a PWM while A5 is used as an analog input. However A5 and D2 cannot be used as independently controlled PWM outputs at the same time.

The Slider Settings in Blynk set D0 and D1 correctly but not any other PWM channels.

Thanks for reporting, we will fix it.

Unfortunately can’t fix it for now…

You can always use Virtual Pins if you need some custom logic implementation

Hi, I would need to control PWM on analog pins, and use this code:
int fanPin1 = 0;
int fanPin2 = 1;

analogWrite(fanPin1, param.asInt());

analogWrite(fanPin2, param.asInt());

Using slider to send V9 and V10. But nothing happen on pin A0 and A1. I did test direct control to D0 and D1, it does work. Can I know if there is a ny known problem?


For now, I’m happy to use fanPin1 = D2, and fanPin2 = D3, as I use D0 and D1 as I2C… so correction on Chadd post, D0, D1, D2, and D3 are output PWM enable.


please check the pins you are referring to.
If you mean A0 and A1, please specify them, not just 0 and 1 (which means D0 and D1).
Also, you should pick pins that can do PWM (Analog pins sometimes can not).

On Photon they are PWM, so should work