Particle Photon Offline-what was the fix

Continuing the discussion from [SOLVED] Particle Photon Shows as off line:
So, the thread is closed and marked solved after @morgan.monks says he followed the example and fixed the issue. Yet there is no mention of what the fix was?
If you can post that information, I am sure someone else may find the fix helpful.

The fix was very simple. The processing call Blynk.Run was not called.

Thus the Particle Photon would not show up on the Blynk cloud which lead to the message “Particle Photon is Offline”.

I have two other cloud functions which were called based on a Timer and I was calling the Blynk.Run based on Timer used in one of the inactive webhooks.

Looking at the example code on Git Hub made me review my code which lead to the solution.

Now my device works with Blynk.

Glad to hear you have it working. Thanks for the information as well.